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Topic: pfsense WAN set as DHCP and accessing the VDSL bridged modem by registered user sams ( 11 months ago )


11 months ago


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If you run PPPOE with a VDSL it is quite trivial to access the modem when its in bridged mode so i digress..

However, if you run the interface in DHCP mode it gets tricky, yes tricky but doable.

Scenario is:
pfsense box may be
bridged modem may be

Here's how:
From menu....
Interfaces / WAN -> 'Alias IPv4 address'

Routing -> Gateways - Add
Interface: WAN
Gateway Monitoring (ticked) Disable Gateway Monitoring
Use non-local gateway (ticked) 'Use non-local gateway through interface specific route.'

Now, Firewall -> NAT -> Outbound: new rule
Interface WAN, Source (local LAN), Destination
and under Translation, choose Address 'Other Subnet (enter below)'
Other subnet:, then save.

You might be able to get away with a 'reset states' but id reboot pfsense box for simplicity.

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